The Advantage is developed to assist you in responding to market changes faster. It enables you to respond with your product’s unique benefits and strengths in comparison to your competition by the use of Opportunity, Account, or Product battle cards.
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  • Quick industry research: Identify your strongest competitors for each deal, your unique advantages and your weak points

  • Enhanced customer experience while servicing: Provide customers with full information about your product and market

  • Increased business by meeting customer needs: Boost your sales due to market awareness, better product positioning and concentration on your target audience

  • Customizable for unique needs: Customize dashboards and analytical reports

  • Quick and easy implementation of the system: Integrate Advantage into standard Salesforce® CRM layouts


CRM-embedded Competitor Analysis: Detailed view of competitors’ products in an easy to use “battle-card” on the Product details page
Products Segmentation: Identify the best selling strategy for each specific deal focusing on your advantages a
AI powered market segmentation - Companies: Maximize business processes efficiency by AI-powered segmentation of competitors, suppliers, customers; Capitalize market research efforts by establishing centralized market information management; Evaluate business efficiency and continuity in real-time by benchmarking against market leaders
Expert Judgement to AI results: Market experts can add or hide the competitors easily to focus or adjust AI-powered segmentation
Efficient communications: Leave comments about competitor products\features for your colleagues to adjust incorrect data, improve the scoring model or remove obsolete information
Make each Sales Rep a superstar: Add an overview or a detailed description of the product/company or its attributes on the battle cards Integrate Advantage into standard Salesforce® Sales Cloud layouts 100% Lightning Experience Ready
Overview competitors activities: Create descriptive dashboards for CEO to get an overview of the market situation and competitors activities

5 reasons to work with Perevaga Technology

With Perevaga Technology, you will have an experienced and reliable support team to administer and expand the solution on Salesforce as your business grows
10 years expertise
More than 10 years of expertise in Salesforce® implementations, custom development and product development on the Salesforce platform™ (APEX, Visualforce, Salesforce1, Lightning)
Efficient project management
We use the highest corporate security standards including infrastructure, background checks, information security, and intellectual property handling. We also sign NDAs
Quick ramp-up
Every project is coached by one of the co-founders, businessmen with deep technical experience
Industry expertise
We work both with numerous solutions by SAP and offer solutions of integration with Salesforce® platform
Dedicated QA team
We offer our clients attractive pricing for Perevaga Technology products licenses and implementation

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